Insite Tour – Rubadue Wire Co., Inc.


January 17


08:00 am - 09:30 am

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Rubadue Wire Co., Inc.

5610 Boeing Dr, Loveland, Colorado 80538

Loveland, Colorado, US, 80538

Opened as a local manufacturer in in Southern California in 1977, Rubadue Wire has evolved into a global supplier for a diverse range of applications and industries. They offer a full line of extruded wire and cable products in a wide variety of sizes and insulating materials. Currently their products are used all over the world in applications ranging from Electric Vehicles to MRI machines. They use melt flow technology to apply resin (received in pellets and melted) to a metal conductor. There are various in-line quality segments with the two main processes being the extrusion section (which includes separate rewinding and OQC) and a separate area for bunching and cabling of wires. Rubadue Wire is first known for being the first company to design and manufacture Triple Insulated Wire, which revolutionized the way agency requirements for reinforced insulation could be achieved, allowing engineers to reduce the footprint of their electronic components while improving quality and sustainability. Their products are used in high profile consumer electronics and medical devices, as well as renewable energy, oil & gas, security, automotive and consumer electronics. Rubadue Wire is committed to lean manufacturing and continuous improvement. They are proud to be a domestic producer exporting a high percentage of their product.


Rubadue Wire recently moved into a new 47,452 square foot facility in Loveland, which will allow for rapid growth and further investment in significant capital. Recent shifts in their markets have increased demand for high temperature reinforced wire and high-frequency litz wire. The new facility is 68% larger which allows Rubadue to address capacity constraints and is ideally located for recruiting top talent. Employee owned with approximately 75 employees that work in three shifts. The new facility also includes multiple dock height doors as well as 24′ clear height in the manufacturing areas.

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