Lunch & Learn – Give a CRAP!


October 9


11:30 am - 01:00 pm

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NoCO Manufacturing Partnership


Whip Mix Corporation

1730 E Prospect Road, Fort Collins, Co 80525

Fort Collins, Co, US, 80525

Developing Leaders with John Benjamin

Give a CRAP!

This program reaches to the very heart of the issues NOCO Manufacturers have consistently listed as issues they deal with in the educational round tables.

Attracting and retaining talent is a challenge for every organization while growing profits.

CRAP is an acronym for:

Culture: what is yours, how strong is it and does it need adjusting? How does culture impact your organization and why do you need to care.

Retention: does it feel like your company is a revolving door for new hires? How to slow and even stop the revolving door feeling.

Attitude: does your workforce have the right attitude for success, the attitude of accountability. How do you build a winning mindset for your workforce – one the reinforces accountability?

Profit: all the programs in the world are useless if they cost you more to implement than they can deliver. We will provide you with tips on how to measure the success of your programs in dollars and cents; along with some of the soft measurements.

This program is being presented to NOCO Manufacturing in the form of a panel discussion. We will have three speakers and a facilitator.

Each of the panelists will briefly present a strategy to the group and the facilitator will lead the discussion around that point. This will allow the participants to see how they can use this strategy or tool in their business.

Our panelists possess real world experience at building profitable businesses.

Jose Pineda – Founder of Transformational Leadership, started out in the kitchen and worked his way up to executive chef leading a crew of 52 cooks and managing one of the most successful restaurants in all of Mexico. Jose brings hands on leadership experience along with multi-cultural experience.

Anthony Navarro – You might know him from a reality TV show, where he dominated the competition, or as the owner of Colorado Shooting Sports, located in Greeley Colorado. Anthony has a unique style of leadership that has paid huge dividends for his staff. You can be sure that his tactics and strategies are field tested.

Skylar Schissler – From Success to failure and back again. Skylar built a hugely successful construction company and almost lost his family in the process. Currently, Skylar is leading a sales force that numbers close to 1,000 and has a multitude of motivational tools and tips that will keep any organization humming along.

John Benjamin – will be the facilitator for this event. John most recently completed a two-year contract with a multi-national conglomerate working with family owned and operated businesses ranging in size from $5 million to $75 million annually.  His clients consistently report gains of over 20% as result of implementing his tips and strategies. John is sure to keep this Lunch and Learn moving to give you the most for your time.

Thank You to Our Event Sponsor: Auer CPA Firm 

Limited seating, please note that manufacturers will be given first priorirty.

Please contact Christine Juker, with questions.