Lunch & Learn – Establishing an Effective Team with Dale Carnegie


Windsor Community Recreation Center

250 11th Street Cedar Room, Windsor, Co 8055

Windsor, Co, US, 8055

Establishing a new team or renewing an existing one is the responsibility of everyone on the team. Effective teams are built on establishing a common vision, creating building blocks for communication and collaboration, identifying and planning for roadblocks, and establishing accountability.

The problems you face in your organizations are usually too complex to be solved by any one person or discipline. The goal of any team is to solve problems and get things done, whether it is a project team, a vertical team, or a cross functional team. You may be creating a new team or establishing a more effective team from an existing group of people. Regardless, you are collectively responsible for the ultimate outcome.

Completion of this module will empower participants to:

  •  Incorporate a process for establishing an effective team

  • Create a vision for the team

  • Establish cohesive team dynamics

  • Launch team accountability

Limited seating, please note that manufacturers will be given first priorirty.

Please contact Christine Juker, with questions.